The best Pop-up Market ever!

Have you ever been to a pop-up market? I hadn’t until yesterday, when my sister said, “my friend, Jen, is having a pop-up market at her farm.” She then read from the advert: “Come on out to the farm for our sweet corn popup market. Try some with butter and other toppings. We’ll have cooked ears to eat or take some home for the family. We’ll have some local live music in the barn and some kittens to play with.”

I stopped her right there. “Kittens?!” I shrieked. “What time?”
The time was 10 am to 2 pm, as it turned out. We headed out, Mary excited for corn, me for kittens.
Mary has been friends with Jen Miller, and her husband, Kevin Dohrmann, for years. Upon arrival, we parked in a nearby lot and enjoyed the rustic folly of a hayride up to the farm (about one half block). As we pulled into the country-style lane leading to the barn, we heard a rooster crowing. You would never know this beautiful building and its surrounding lands are right in the heart of Omaha – an urban farm, as they call themselves (
While Jen and Mary caught up, I found a kitten. Her name was Bear, and she had the most lovely and unique markings. She let me hold her for a long time, and even put up with me letting small children (gently) touch and pet her. Then I saw her brother, Nigel – an all-black kitty. My heart immediately crushed on Nigel, as he reminded me of my beloved Isabelle. But Nigel was skittish and far too fast for me. He went up into the barn’s loft, where Jen and Kevin store hay bales they sell.
Mary and I settled down for some “corn on the rod,” as my dad used to say, after tasting the goat cheese and goat milk gelato made by Honey Creek Creamery ( We tried some special butters Jen prepared with pesto and peppers, but also enjoyed a simple butter and salt combo. Their corn was so delicious, we had to eat a second ear, and take a dozen home. We also took home some goat cheese and goat milk gelato (did I mention the gelato has more protein than regular gelato, because goats?).
Our hosts enhanced the event with musicians playing some bluegrass and folk tunes. I couldn’t help look around the space and think, music festival. We saw some chickens, who perhaps were on their way to hang out with the rooster. And I chewed on some hay.
This was a fun event, and it was great to support local growers. I’m sorry if you missed the event – maybe they’ll have another one if you like their Facebook page!

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